DBN GoGo holds a bra in front of fans


DBN GoGo holds a bra in front of fans

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On the below post there is a photo of South Africa’s very own Mandisa Radebe ” umaka mah ” Dbn Gogo ” a well known female Dj ,Who is currently dating fellow celebrity by the name ” Focalistic

When she was busy spinning the deck doing what she loves the most in the stage , giving the crowd dancing feet.

A female on the crowd couldn’t help but throw her bra on the stage and it somehow ended on Dbn Gogo’,s hands.

An individual by the user name of ” @ Bile tweetz ” shared the video and captioned it ‘ do ladies bring extra bras for throwing or was it the one she was wearing that night ”
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From a post posted by ” Dbn ” herself which had the following caption ” a lady in the front threw her bra at me last night ”

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