‘Devilsdorp’ killer Cecilia Steyn attempts prison escape?


‘Devilsdorp’ killer Cecilia Steyn attempts prison escape?

Cult killer Cecilia Steyn – whose Krugersdorp murder spree was seen in Showmax’s ‘Devilsdorp’ – is accused of plotting a prison escape.

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Cecilia Steyn, the woman at the centre of the Krugersdorp killings as seen in the hit Showmax series Devilsdorp is accused of plotting a prison escape.


Steyn was the mastermind of Electus Per Dius, a religious cult responsible for 11 murders in the Krugersdorp area between 2012 and 2016.

She is currently serving 13 life sentences in the D3 maximum section of the Johannesburg women’s prison.



According to media reports, Cecilia Steyn is accused of trying to “pull a Thabo Bester,” the latter of whom escaped a maximum prison in 2022.

This, after a recent raid allegedly discovered a floor plan of the prison in Steyn’s prison cell.

However, the Department of Correctional Services has since disputed the allegations.

Spokesperson Singabakho Nxumalo told Krugersdorp News: “The media houses that have published stories that she was planning to escape is being fooled around by their sources. It is not true”.

He added: “We see no need to honour lies with a statement”.

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In the 2021 hit series Devilsdorp, viewers were taken down a terrifying path of Electus Per Dius, a cult responsible for 11 murders in the Krugersdorp area between 2012 and 2016.

This involved the practice of Satanism, and a slew of unexplained deaths that rocked the suburb of Krugersdorp. In the series, Cecilia Steyn claimed to be a “42nd generational witch” and the “bride of Satan”. She as named as the mastermind behind the calculated murders laced with corruption, greed, and sadism.

Steyn’s co-accused, Zak Valentine and Marcel Steyn, and her son, Le Roux Steyn, have also been convicted of their roles in the killing spree.


Meanwhile, Cecilia Steyn has allegedly embarked on a relationship with a fellow female inmate, Suretha Brits, reports TimesLive.

Brits was found guilty of orchestrating the 2020 murder of her hotelier husband, Leon. The incident was referred to as the “Pofadder murder”, in reference to the Pofadder Hotel in Upington.

Meanwhile, Steyn’s ex-husband, Dries – a policeman – continues to show her support. The couple were married for 15 years and have two children together.

Dries has denied in involvement in the Krugersdorp killings.

“I knew nothing about what was going on,” he told Sunday Times.

He added: “I have two children who are suffering until today because of this. I just want to move on and focus on them now.”

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