Did Maphorisa just come for Heavy K, Black Coffee and Shimza?

Did Maphorisa just come for Heavy K, Black Coffee, and Shimza?

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Celebrity feuds and beef are nothing new within the music scene and Maphorisa isn’t new making rivals. only recently , the Amapiano DJ was accused of being arrogant due to his success with the Amapiano genre. he’s one among the people that jumped ship and helped the genre grow to the huge heights it’s currently reached, but he’s calling on others to try to to an equivalent .

The Scorpion King kindly asked the favored DJs Shimza, Heavy K, and DJ Black Coffee to play Amapiano music in their sets. albeit they’re not Amapiano DJs, their impact within the industry is so massive that them playing the songs will elevate the genre.

“I wish Shimza, Heavy K le Bo Black Coffee badlale amapiano (could play Amapiano). it’ll mean tons for the movement ya amapiano,” he wrote on Facebook.

Sounds like an honest idea right? Well, Shimza and Heavy K are against it. actually they teamed up against Maphorisa and called him to order. They told the DJ they’re going to not be told by him what to try to to .

Heavy K first responded by saying his 10 years within the industry allows him to be flexible and experiment with other sounds. albeit he can handle Amapiano and House music, he wants to undertake out other things.
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“Me I can handle both House and Amapiano, Porry. It marks 10 years of Heavy K this year and I’ll be introducing my other production strong points. It’s necessary on behalf of me . To my day-one fans, I’ll never leave you behind but allow me to experiment,” he replied.

DJ Shimza on the opposite hand said it doesn’t seem right for all of them to be doing an equivalent thing because their goals aren’t began an equivalent . “We can’t all do an equivalent thing because we all have different goals and paths in our careers, ma brother. You guys do perfectly fine without us and it’s amazing to observe from the outside! Keep going! We here to support.”

To clarify that he’s not a hater, Heavy K shared a video of him playing at one among his gigs, where he switched from House music to Amapiano.

Others also applauded their decision to remain on their lanes and do what they know best.

Just recently, Maphorisa got slammed for not showing some humility when he said other artists are just not hitting the proper spot. “I think some artists must come consult me before they release songs cause, ja no, it’s not happening shame.”

He was called to order and reminded what would happen should he continue having such an enormous ego. He continued being smug and told people to not compare him to anyone.

“Nyenyenye continue what? Don’t compare me. I’m my very own version. I’m different, just watch my moves. Don’t wish me bad,” Maphorisa replied.