Dieketseng Mnisi confirms she got married


Dieketseng Mnisi confirms she got married

Dieketseng Mnisi, the talented actress from Skeem Saam, continues to impress with her portrayal of the fiery MaNutli in the popular educational drama. Congratulations are definitely in order for her after it was confirmed that she got married.

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A few months ago, Innocent Sadiki, the talented actress who portrays Sthoko, one of Mnisi’s daughters on the show, took to Instagram to express her joy and extend her heartfelt congratulations to Mnisi for embarking on a new chapter in her life through marriage.

Mnisi was spotted flaunting a dazzling ring and donning traditional wedding attire, fueling speculation that she may have found her happily ever after. Sadiki’s caption humorously stated, “Celebrating the woman who brought us into this world.” Sadiki’s caption read, “Celebrating our mommy.”


Dieketseng Mnisi slyly revealed that she recently tied the knot, but she’s keeping the details about her mysterious lover under wraps.“Thank you all for the love and support during the most unforgettable day of our lives,” the actress said.

The actress continued, “On that special day, we were with our closest family and friends as we joyfully celebrated our love and reaffirmed our commitment.” After a whopping years of being in each other’s lives, we can’t help but get excited about the next chapter of marriage that awaits us.” she said

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Despite her age of 63, nothing stopped her from getting married at the right time.In a conversation with Briefly News, Shelley Lewin, a renowned international counsellor, coach, and author of the book Uncomplicated Love, provided some fascinating insights into late-life marriages.

She said:
“In some cultures, there might be societal pressure or expectations regarding marriage, particularly for women, which could influence someone’s decision to marry later in life. Late-life marriages often come with their own set of dynamics and challenges. One of the primary challenges is merging established lifestyles, families and possibly assets.”

“Both partners may have grown accustomed to living independently and may have children or even grandchildren from previous marriages or relationships, leading to complexities in blending families. Effective communication and mutual support are essential for a successful marriage at any age, but they become even more critical in later-life marriages due to the unique challenges mentioned above.” she said


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