Dikana House, and Lindiwe & Zolani are bleeding through the wound. # TheRiver1Magic

Dikana House, and Lindiwe & Zolani are bleeding through the wound

It is a standard procedure that every season in the River 1 Magic should have a lavish wedding. This time around, it came much earlier in the season. Zweli Dikana took everyone by surprise when he told Lindiwe that he wants a divorce. What was even worse about it was that he proposed to their helper, Nyakallo, shortly after.
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Following countless attempts from his family to stop him in his pursuits, Dikana stood firm with his decision – whether they agree with it or not. Seeing that her husband has moved on and doesn’t value their marriage anymore. Lindiwe gave him her blessing to marry Nyakallo, provided he takes her as a second wife. She has even gotten the best wedding planners to plan the whole thing and has been hands-on.

Emma and Zolani have ordered a hit on Zweli’s second wife-to-be – the hit is set to take place on the wedding day. They just broke the news to Lindiwe, however, to their surprise she’s ordered them to call it off as Zweli would suspect her if anything were to happen to Nyakallo. They’ve been trying to get a hold of the hitman but his/her phone has been off. Will they make it in time or will it be another wedding day filled with tragedy?