Dineo Ranaka doesn’t want questions about her relationship


Dineo Ranaka doesn’t want questions about her relationship

Dineo Ranaka
Dineo Ranaka

Remember when we said that the Valentine’s fever was catching up with everybody? Well, we did not exaggerate, as Dineo Ranaka is the latest celebrity to get caught up in wondering what the day of love will bring her.

The radio presenter recently took to her Instagram stories to share a funny clip of herself clarifying her Valentine’s plans. We were left in stitches as she made fun of herself for not having a boyfriend for that day, and asked that we mind our business.

“Valentine is coming, where is my boyfri… stop it right there! Don’t bother me. My future boyfriend is busy cheating with his future side chick. You’re hearing me? I hope you’re hearing me,” she said, in a fake Nigerian accent, mimicking the viral “Valentine’s is coming, where is your boyfriend” Nigerian choir video.

Dineo is not the only ZAleb to get caught up in the Valentine’s pressure; everybody is losing their mind a little bit as the day gets closer and they realise they have no significant other to share it with.

Gigi Lamayne recently opened up her DMs for Valentine’s date invitations and gift offers. She asked her fans not to disappoint her by not getting her anything for that day, as she has been loyal through a lot of things that she and her fan base have been through recently.

Pearl Thusi has also recently seemed to be craving that Valentine’s kind of love. After her date with Twitter celebrity Michael Bucwa aka Mr Smeg, which went viral under the tag #NationalLunchDate, fans have been rooting for them to end up together or at least go on another date. She confirmed that she wouldn’t mind, leaving fans preparing for a National Lunch Baby in the near future. Talk about skipping ahead!

Dineo has recently been accused of being one of the most toxic women in Mzansi by social media. Not only has she been wrapped up in physical assault allegations (which she denied), she was also called toxic when a video leaked of her yelling at and berating a man who was believed to be her lover.

In the video, she said that she had only used him as a rebound, to get over her divorce. She accused him of pretending to be better, but also using her, only for something different. Social media users considered it very rude and mean for her to talk down to someone she supposedly had a fling with, and took it as a signal that she thinks too highly of herself and not highly enough of everyone else.

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