Dineo Langa: The wonderful thing of the first year of marriage is that I’ve been happy


Dineo Langa: The wonderful thing about the first year of marriage is that I’ve been happy

Dineo and her husband, rapper Solo, said: “I do”. A year later they shared a YouTube video during which they talked about the journey and revealed how happy they’re living their forever together. The video series, titled The Langas, launched just in time to celebrate the pair’s first anniversary. Dineo and Solo tied the knot after dating for 6 years, and Dineo explained that being married didn’t change much for her.

I don’t desire anything has really changed. I desire this was always our dial, this has always been our frequency of how we were as a few. The six to seven years we were together before we got married, we were always like this on my behalf of me. It’s been specialized. However, Dineo said she felt marriage had added a special texture to them as a few. She said she felt that they had a deeper understanding of commitment and unity.

Solo echoed Dineo’s sentiments, saying that for him “respecting the load of the commitment” was also highlighted by their wedding. The couple’s ultimate truth was that marriage had been everything they thought it might be, and more.

For me, the most important thing about this first year of marriage is that I’ve been happy,” Dineo said. After pouring their hearts out, the Langs put together a montage of footage from their wedding and talked about the strain round the planning for his or her big day.