Dineo Ranaka recently made headlines after she was accused of physical assault


Dineo Ranaka recently made headlines after she was accused of physical assault

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but now her fans – and even a few haters – have come out to stand in solidarity and defend her.

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The DJ has come out to defend herself, saying that she realizes she is an easy target to those who want to ruin her or use her to chase clout. Speaking to TshisaLIVE, she said that she doesn’t normally allow fans to take pictures until at least three songs into her set. She said that she applies a lot of focus at the beginning of her sets, which is why it is vital for her to have at least 10 minutes to herself before she can allow fans in her space to take pictures.

But Tengetile and the venue owners would not honor her wishes, and they let Khumalo into the booth. This is tantamount to assault, according to Dineo.

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Funk BA’s manager is reported to have said that Dineo indeed followed Tengetile into the bathroom after looking provoked by her insistence on taking photos. She must have wanted to delete the picture, he surmised, but she returned angrily to the DJ booth, charging at Khumalo, leading the security team to intervene before it got physical.

Dineo has denied all that has been said about her following Khumalo to the bathroom, and insists that it is another attempt to tarnish her name.

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If you listened to Twitter trolls alone, you would think that everybody disliked the radio and TV personality. Granted, she often tops the social media trends for some rather controversial reasons, so much so that some fans were recently convinced that she is toxic after an episode of her family’s reality TV show, The Ranakas.

But this time, Dineo seems to have landed on the right side of a social media beef, as fans are finally on her side. This comes after Tengetile Khumalo accused her of physical assault. According to Khumalo, she and her team had booked Dineo to play at some event. During her set, Khumalo asked Dineo to take some photos with her, which the DJ denied.

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What happened after makes no sense, as Khumalo alleges that Dineo followed her to the bathroom and “scratched her arm”. First of all, social media users do not understand why she would follow Khumalo to the bathroom and assault her after refusing the selfie. Second, they think it is ridiculous that the young woman would post photos of a slightly scratched arm, with no further evidence, as proof that Dineo assaulted her.

But it all came to a head when Khumalo went commenting on Facebook posts to say that she wanted Dineo to trend. Social media users have labelled it a sad attempt to chase clout, and that the woman is only using Dineo’s name because she is an easy target. They also think that she has a right to refuse pictures for ten minutes, so she shouldn’t be labelled a diva because of it.

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