Dinkybliss fans are failing to deal with the heartbreak leaving


Dinkybliss fans are failing to deal with the heartbreak leaving


I’m not yet invested in Big Brother Mzansi so the eviction didn’t move my soul so much. What I’ve learnt from competitions, however, is that there can be only one winner so it doesn’t matter how good you are collectively. That could be why I hardly invest myself in shows, people leave and you must deal with the heartbreak.

It seems that Dinkybliss fans are failing to deal with the heartbreak of their favourite star leaving. They went as far as drafting a petition to get her to come back to the Big Brother house.

What I don’t understand is why they didn’t vote all this while. And if they insist that Dinky must come back, who should leave?
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Everyone has their selected favourite so if Dinky’s fans want to draw up a petition, all the other contestants’ fans will follow suit when their favourites leave.

2 people had to leave, not because they are not good enough or less deserving, but because evictions are the order of the game and not everyone will win. It will always boil down to only one person, life will not change its rules to make Dinky’s fans comfortable.

Even if she were to come back, there’s no guarantee that she’ll win. Sadly, she had to be evicted in the first week but someone had to go!

I’m glad that viewers are becoming less tolerant of toxicity. The fact that most viewers distanced themselves from her because of her constant brawling with other housemates, shows that we are a generation cut from a new cloth!

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Thoughts? Should the petition be considered by Biggie? Should Dinkybliss come back to the show?

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