DinkyBliss felt her death was near :RIPDinkyBliss

DinkyBliss felt her death was near: RIPDinkyBliss

Dinkybliss once took it to her social media pages and asked everyone to pray for her, because she was going through the most in her life. She once admitted on Big Brother Mzansi that she has depression and it was very hard for her.

I believe that if she stayed longer in Big Brother Mzansi house, she could have been better and forgotten about the things that were troubling her.

She wrote that she was sad, angry with herself, and scared of herself. She didn’t know what to do in order for her to be good.

She asked everyone to pray for her. Dinky was very support towards her former housemates and she was happy for their success as well. Nale, Acacia and Themba were the first to react to her sudden death. Dinky was beautiful inside and outside, her family and friends really lost a queen.

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