Disebo says her ex-boyfriend was better than Fusi


Disebo says her ex-boyfriend was better than Fusi

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There’s absolutely nothing wrong with moving on fast. The catch though, is that you should be healed and willing to move on, without dragging your ex into your present love life. Someone who could do with this information is Disebo who spent half the second episode of Single and Mingle raving about her ex.

She and the ex broke up a month ago and by the sound of it, there is still a chance for her to go back to him. When the episode began, she was referring to him in present tense and halfway in the episode, she brought him up and compared him with her date, Fusi. She alleged that her date is boring and meek. She said, “My ex used to take up the room. He had THAT thing. This guy… He’s boring” and went on to narrate how she’s stubborn and needs someone who is “domineering” and can handle her.

I think there’s nothing wrong with having a preference but when that preference is toxic, you see everyone who is not “controlling” as boring. In her introduction, she said of how the guy would fight her over HIS friends lusting over her. I thought that she was clearly against it but the more she spoke, it became clear that she prefers someone who is a bit toxic and hides behind the term of being an alpha male.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with how Fusi presented himself. The problem is that Disebo was comparing him to her ex and thus, finding fault after realising that they are not the same. The best she can do is go back to her ex because her face lit up when she spoke about him.


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Source: Single and Mingle on DStv channel 157

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