DJ Cityi Lyts’ memorial service is to take place today.


DJ Cityi Lyts’ memorial service is to take place today.

The entertainment industry is still reeling following the tragic passing of DJ City Lyts, who was reportedly shot dead in Soweto, just after midnight on Valentine’s Day.
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Tributes and messages of condolences continue to pour in following his untimely passing. As his family and friends prepare to give him a beautiful and memorable send-off this weekend, they will gather today to celebrate his life in a memorial service.

The memorial service will take place today on 17 February 2022 at 14;00pm. He will then be laid to his final resting place on Saturday 19 February 2022. Both his memorial and funeral service will take place at the Pace Community College, Jabulani, in Soweto.

Circumstances surrounding the shooting that claimed his life are still sketchy. Police have launched a manhunt to find the perpetrators who are behind the shooting. According to Sunday World. a murder case has been opened following the incident.


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News of the star’s passing have sent shockwaves across the country and his grief-stricken family is struggling to come to terms with his passing. According to TshisaLive, Citi Lyts and his friends were ambushed by a group of four armed men on Monday morning while hanging out together.

Three of them were reportedly heavily armed with rifles, and two of them opened fire at Citi Lyts. The number of times he was shot at is speculated to be 8 times.

“He got shot. A VW polo came and four armed guys jumped out pointing guns at everyone.

“When they pointed the gun at Citi Lyts one of the friends tried calming the situation, saying ‘guys lets not do this, what’s going on?’ Then shots were fired at Citi, in the stomach. When he fell everyone else ran away. As they were running shots were being fired,” said a friend who wanted to remain anonymous.

Speaking to DRUM, the Mkhize spokesperson confirmed that he died exactly 12:30 AM, “They were ambushed and that is ambushed that is the best way to put it. They coupled up; four guys came out of nowhere, stopped them, and shot them in their heads. They fought as much as they can, and the guys shot them. I can’t confirm how many they were in the car yet, but this happened at Dube, Soweto,” said Nhlanhla Lux Dlamini.

“I am on my way to Jabulani Police Station now to verify if the case is opened. But by now it should be because generally if it is a murder case and someone is laying on the pavement when the police come to the scene it is automatic. We don’t know how to open up that type of case, I will follow up with the family also just to check if they have been contacted by any police officer. I want to find everything out and come back to you with detailed information,” he concluded his statement.

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