dj Fakaza steal DJ Tira, Lvovo & Shimza music, they slam him

dj Fakaza steal DJ Tira, Lvovo & Shimza music, they slam him

Several big-name musicians have lambasted music download service Fakaza for “leaking” rapper Cassper Nyovest’s new album before its release on Friday.
dj Fakaza steal DJ Tira
Beady-eyed fans spotted Cassper’s highly-anticipated album, Any Minute Now, listed on the favored service on Thursday, several hours before its official release.

The discovery led to the service trending on Twitter, as users weighed in on the leak.

Among those adding their voice to the talk was DJ Tira, who swore at the service for “stealing” from artists.

Lvovo agreed with Tira’s comments and said artists needed to figure together to defeat piracy and streaming services from exploiting the industry.
dj Fakaza steal DJ Tira
“Music streaming: I propose that South African laws restrict and regulate streaming services! The artists are struggling! a minimum of if a song was R2 the artists would be during a better place! 90% of artists never make money from sales, we’re just donating to those platforms!”

He said artists were “suffering” and therefore the government needed to step in.

“If people can purchase takeaways they will buy music. It serves an equivalent purpose! Music heals, entertains and music is valuable! Respect arts!” he added.

DJ Shimza said many of us justified pirating music because they believed that they were supporting their favs by doing so.

“Thing is people will justify downloading music on Fakaza because they still believe they supporting the artist or maybe give reasons why they are doing .”

He also dismissed suggestions that artists should instead work with the service together.

“It’s like saying the cops must collaborate with criminals,” Shimza acknowledged.

He said it might be better to concentrate on your favs on YouTube, where a minimum of the artist may get revenue from streams.

An account claiming to represent “Fakaza Mag”, acknowledged that the service was trending and said it might remove Cassper’s album. It added that sometimes artists send their music to the service themselves.

“Fakaza is trending for 6 hours now. OK. We get it. The album is going to be removed, but the criticism is just too much. Some artists still send their stuff to us,” it read.