DJ Fresh and DJ Euphonik DUMPED by their wives


DJ Fresh and DJ Euphonik DUMPED by their wives

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February has to be the worst month in these two friends who are both former radio presenters and deejays.

Both of them got dumped by their wives in the same month, February.

Some people are already saying that marriage is not something to hold on when it is not working. They are advising people to step out it when it does not work.

These days, we are seeing lot of celebrities getting divorces while others are breaking up from their relationships.

Earlier on this month,former 947 FM presenter, DJ Fresh and his wife, Thabiso Sekwane announced that they are divorcing after being married for 20 years.

The two were already living in separation for a year. This started when there were allegations of sexual abuse against DJ Fresh and DJ Euphonik, which the court dismissed and they came victorious. Unfortunately, he was not victorious in his marriage as his wife dumped him.

This past week, his friend, DJ Euphonik also got dumped by his first wife, Advocate Aurelia Nxumalo, after the DJ, whose real name is Themba Nkosi, was getting a third wife.

Nxumalo, who is an advocate at the high court, could not tolerate the idea of her husband taking the third wife, worse, without her approval.

While she was at peace that her husband is a polygamist as he took a second wife but she did not accept the point that he is now taking the third wife.

It was reported that she packed her bags and dumped him. She has moved out of their farm house as well as she is now renting an apartment at Sandton.

Over the past weekend, it was expected that Euphonik host the umembeso and umemulo ceremony for his third wife who is still not known who she is.

The second wife, Kholeka Qiniso is at peace with the fact that her husband is taking the third wife and she will take over the duties of the first wife.

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