DJ fresh is sick and tired of being Accused ngenyana angayidlanga


DJ fresh is sick and tired of being Accused ngenyana angayidlanga

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There have been some accusations that have been laid by girls against DJ Fresh for having improper misconduct against them. These allegations included Euphonic who is a good friend of DJ Fresh. These allegations also put DJ Fresh under the bridge as he lost his job and things have seemingly been not going well for him since then.

DJ Fresh also announced in the past couple of weeks that together with his wife has decided to file for divorce. This shocked many people as these two have spent many years together and they also have children.

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With all these sad experiences that DJ Fresh went through, it seems like he is not willing to be tripped by one stone again and again. There is a video that has been circulating online whereby DJ Fresh was having his set in an unidentified location. DJ Fresh was seemingly playing Deep House as that has been his priority genre ever since starting his music journey.

While he was having his set, a female came to his set and it seems like the female was trying to have a conversation with DJ Fresh. However, DJ Fresh was seemingly not interested as he continued enjoying his set. That behavior of DJ Fresh has left many people with the narrative that he is tired of fake accusations.

Well, many people applauded DJ Fresh for his decision to ignore the female that came to his set due to a lot of things that he went through. One user on social media mentioned that DJ Fresh was aware that there were cameras around and that he was scared of having to explain himself the following day.

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