DJ Fresh Wants To Help A Struggling Bodybuilder


DJ Fresh Wants To Help A Struggling Bodybuilder

Popular radio host, Thato Sikwane, more affectionately referred to as DJ Fresh is in search of a young gentleman who was discovered by Tumi Sole. What caught everyone’s attention was the extent of confidence that the young man possessed, despite not having the physique for bodybuilding, the young man showed tons of confidence in what he was doing.
DJ Fresh Wants To Help A Struggling Bodybuilder
In a Tweet, Tumi Sole jokingly told his followers that they ought to be forceful in their intentions and open doors albeit they’ll be closed shut, a bit like contestant number 177.

“As you steel oneself against the new week, fosta nje ngo number 177!

Kokota & ngena even when kunzima!”
You can clearly see from the pictures that contestant number 177 is out of his league of bodybuilders but that did not stop him from entering the competition and doing his best. Tweeps felt very motivated and amused within the comments section and began sharing their own stories of inspiration and never abandoning on their dreams. Some just found the guy amusing and dragged him, while one lady critiqued the longer term bodybuilder but had some solid advice.
DJ Fresh Wants To Help A Struggling Bodybuilder

One guy even suggesting that contestant number 177 could be drunk.

When the large Dawg picked abreast of the Tweet, he immediately saw potential and wanted to vary contestant number 177’s life.

“Please find him and let’s get him a trainer! i do know a few who could transform him”

DJ Fresh has been known to possess an enormous heart, despite his many battles within the past year with SABC radio then Ntsiki Mazwai, who he accused with defamation of character.

In a public statement, Fresh claimed that his legal team requested Ntsiki to get rid of her post, where she made serious accusations against their client DJ Fresh, supported the very fact that it had been completely false and tarnished the work her has done to market eradicating Gender Based Violence. the large Dawg further explained that when Ntsiki refused to retract her statements, he decided to serve her with a lawsuit under the grounds that she has caused reputational damage.

Despite these allegations and public embarrassment, DJ Fresh continues being one among the simplest radio DJ’s and changing peoples lives, luckily South Africans were able to help the young man under his comments section.

It took just a couple of hours for him to be found and now it’s up to DJ Fresh to form the pots happen, we’d be watching subsequent SA Bodybuilding Champion. It’s truly a lesson to never hand over even when the chances are against you, there’ll be a DJ Fresh who believes in you due to your ambition.

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