Dj Heavy K advises mothers not to use their Baby as a weapon against fathers

Dj Heavy K advises mothers not to use their Baby as a weapon against fathers

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When a relationship dissolves, some parents find themselves asking questions like, what about the children? And while all parents may have many worries in their mind from the future of their living situation to the uncertainty of the custody arrangement they may worry most about how the children will deal with the divorce.

The story of a man whose desire was to be either a scientist or a medical doctor while growing up, and ends up becoming a musician is the untold life story of Heavy K.

He did not have the privilege of being raised on a silver spoon, however, his dedication in succeeding in life has made him an icon nowadays.

His profession kick-started out in 2009 when he crossed paths with a good DJ by the name Oskido. Not only was he presented with an offer to make music, but he was also given a platform on his ‘I Believe program’ wherein he got equipped with the abilities to turn into a better DJ and tune a producer within the aggressive industry.

Later on, the duo labored together, and in 2013, they launched the tune, Woza Nana. Heavy K has recently slammed baby mamas who use their kids to fight their battles with their ex-partners.

The Dj took to social media to urge women to allow their kids to see their dads if things don’t work out between the parents.

The star took to Facebook to persuade baby mamas to be matured whilst coping with the state of affairs as it only impacts the children. He needs them to allow fathers to have a relationship with their kids.

According to TshisaLIVE, the artist took to Facebook and stated that, it is painful and evil not to be allowed to see your youngster while you’re trying to be a responsible dad.


Sometimes parents must take steps to reduce the psychological effects of separation on children. A few supportive parenting strategies can go a long way to helping kids adjust to the changes brought about by divorce or breakup. And indeed patners should stop using children to fight battles.