Dj Hlo’s song was the biggest surprise at the end of the year

Dj Hlo’s song was the biggest surprise at the end of the year

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Dj Hlo is the young Dj from KwaZulu Natal. She is one of the young talents who just break in to the music industry by storm in the year 2022. She just won the song of the year for 2021, the song that won is Isibani. Many South Africans are saying that they never heard the song before. Dj Hlo is here to stay and she will definitely need the support from the South Africans just like any other celebrities.
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Even if some of the South Africans never heard the that does not mean that she should have never won the song of the year. If her song it is deserving then so be it, she young and talented. Her winning it means that her work is absolutely incredible. It also shows that there are people out here who listen to her music and supported her through this journey. Each and every year people argue about he song of the year and it should be the new normality, everyone will think that their favourite song is the song of the year. I think another thing that should happen is that radio stations should have he same playlist.
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I think South Africans need to allow the situation to stay as it is because there is no going back. Fans have voted for Dj Hlo to win and she won. There is no other way that they can change the winner. I think what surprised people is that they expected the songs that they love personally to win and it was not like that. Dj Hlo is all about positivity and that is what keeps her winning, she is an inspiration to the youth not to give up on their dreams.

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