DJ Lamiez Holworthy wants to be the best this year


DJ Lamiez Holworthy wants to be the best this year

Nobody works as hard as DJ Lamiez Holworthy does, which often means she prioritizes work over most other things. But now she is determined to be more present so that she does not live a life full of regrets.

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The Dj recently opened up about how much she has always put work first in her life, even though she does take time to be there for other people, going out of her way, when they need her. But she has resolved that this year, she will do better and change that.

She went on Instagram stories to share her thoughts, as she often does. She said that upon her death, she would want people to talk about the fact that they knew she loved them, because she was always present and always showed it to them. She would hate for people to be unsure about where they stand with her, which is part of her motivation to change her life.

We have to wonder whether this was brought on by her recent surgery. The Dj recently shared that she had undergone eye surgery, and apologized, saying she would be taking some time off social media while she heals from the procedure.

Although she did not say what the surgery was for, fans went on to wish her a quick recovery. And it seems that she did heal rather fast, seeing as she is back to her gigs and on social media, and we love to see it.

Perhaps undergoing the procedure and not being able to work or be online showed her how valuable her social life is, bringing on this change of heart. Either way, we support her decision – you can never go wrong with being more present in life.

She also continued to display her kind and selfless heart by sharing how happy she feels for others when they win. She shared a post that encouraged people to congratulate others when they win, because life is hard enough as it is.

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“You lose absolutely nothing by celebrating others,” she wrote, “Goa nyewa mo lefatsheng! Anyone winning gives me hope that I too can achieve it all.”

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But this should not lull you into thinking you can come at Lamiez any which way, because she is also quick to clap back at those who deserve it. She recently went off on an adult online who was making snide remarks about a child. Mama bear jumped out, and it is just one more reason why she is such a queen.

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