DJ Lulo Cafe leaks his weakness to fans to gain their trust

DJ Lulo Cafe leaks his weakness to fans to gain their trust

DJ Lulo restaurant, real name Sikhululo Maliwa, recently let fans see his vulnerable facet on the Tl once he spread out regarding his fears and insecurities.

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In what was meant to encourage folks to acknowledge and traumatize their emotions, the DJ took to Twitter to share his innermost thoughts and feels.

“I assume it’s solely right that we have a tendency to tell folks however we have a tendency to feel. it’s ne’er because it appears, the maximum amount because it appears like we have a tendency to do huge things with no concern and square measure continually positive of ourselves,” his personal note scan.

Lulo got viciously honest regarding, however — despite the front which will say otherwise — he’s conjointly afraid, insecure, and intimidated occasionally by choices he takes, moves he makes and life normally.

“I can tell you that I’m continually afraid. continually intimidated, continually insecure. continually feeling like I am not adequate.

“Failure hurts and makes the American state need to relinquish up. I’ve created a lot of unhealthy choices than I did sensible ones. I’ve thought of forsaking over I’ve felt like occurring. I am timid most times and that I pray for it to travel away daily. I feel jealous regarding others progressing and seeing them doing higher than the American state, and it hurts, despite the fact that several people might not admit it. I pray for America all,” scan the remainder of his note.

While several tweeps applauded him for his frankness and honesty, the DJ plainly felt overpowered by the sharing of his feelings on Twitter and later deleted the tweet.

Read the total note below.
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Lulo restaurant is one of every of Mzansi’s most precious DJs and has been within the business for over a decade.

He has conjointly splattered in different industries and grew his whole over the years.

In 2013, Lulo free his Lulo Urban Culture fashion line, mostly as a variety of branded T-shirts. Four years agone, he launched another line that catered for each girls and comfort station and includes T-shirts, pants, jackets, hoodies, jumpsuits, and accessories.

The DJ hosts the extremely popular Audiogasm show on railway system FM and recently launched the Lulo Arts Academy wherever he aims to use his passion for mentorship and developing his community.