DJ Maphorisa boast About Kabza De Small

DJ Maphorisa boast About Kabza De Small

It seems DJ Maphorisa is back with a bang on Social Media, after shading Prince Kaybee, he went on to tug his haters. The world-renowned producer had been keeping a coffee profile on Social Media for a short time and only came bent thank Ludacris for recognising his music. It seems Maphorisa wasn’t pleased with the accusations about him exploiting Kabza De Small when he Tweeted…

“Haters want it down on platforms. Guys are jealous [of me] saying i’m using Kabza. Why all this hate while everyone loves this project? Since Kabza started working with me has he ever missed a gig? So we do not deserve it,”

The Scorpion King Kabza Da Small is understood to be a tough worker since he blew up onto the music scene he has been releasing hit after hit and he doesn’t appear to be he’s getting to stop. Maphorisa wanted to place it on record what proportion he values Kabza De Small and the way proud he was to share success with him when he Tweeted in celebration.

“U said iam using my boy @KabzaDeSmall_
Look wat have we done, i didn’t want to point out this, it had been to good to be true but fyxk it CAV
When we mention changing the sport with Masters
Thanks to all the supporters we humbled u changing our lives”
Truthfully, Maphorisa always gives Kabza De Small the credit he deserves, he may need been the one to assist him launch his career but he always makes bound to give him his flowers. during a recent Tweet, DJ Maphorisa thanked Ludacris for sharing their Amapiano song then he went on to tag Kabza De Small, Mas Musiq & Riky Rick, who also are featured on the piano hit “Mthande”.
DJ Maphorisa boast About Kabza De Small
So it comes as no surprise that the DJ decided to celebrate his friend again, just to remind folks that they can not stop the Scorpion Kings regardless of what they assert , they’re going to stay winning. Some Tweeps celebrated the win for the Scorpion King and even reminded them why they’re the simplest within the game by Tweeting back an inventory of “Most Streamed South African Artists”

Another Tweep told DJ Maphorisa that he’s the rationale he listens to Amapiano how hot (“leya fisa”) the duo is.
“I swear you guys are the rationale why I hear the genre leya Fisa bras”

When it involves Amapiano production and live music events, The Scorpion Kings are unmatched, they need released the foremost albums pre and post lockdown. They managed to catapult the Amapiano genre while other genres are left way behind.

Do you think they ought to release more hot tracks soon?