Dj Maphorisa’s ex lose her new Bae in a car accident.

Dj Maphorisa’s ex loses her new Bae in a car accident.

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There is nothing dangerous like a fake friend. It’s so sad to see today’s generation getting into so much trouble even dying because of fake friends who betrayed them for fame. It is indeed true when they say , it doesn’t mean if you are good towards someone they will be good in return, you usually get the opposite.
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Cyan Boujee is one of the South African influencers. She is loved for her unique content and many know her as DJ Maphorisa’s ex. She has been trending for all the wrong reasons on social media. Her friend exposed her and how hurtless she is.

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Cyan had a car but with no driver’s license. Basically, she was driving her car with only a leaner, which is not allowed and it is a serious offense. The two went on a road trip together. Cyan was the one driving, it happened that the two were involved in a car accident and Cyan was not injured, she made it out alive and the friend was the only one injured. Check out the pictures of the accident scene below :

Yes, it was really bad. Cyan went up and asked for help, instead of going with her friend to the hospital she went where she was supposed to go in the first place and left her friend all alone on the scene. What she did left people shocked, they didn’t see it coming, checkout comments below :
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Guys are careful of the people you call friends, not all of them wish you well. Some want to see you dead.