Priddy Ugly: We’re married & what you think about that is none of our concern.


Priddy Ugly: We’re married & what you think about that is none of our concern.

Priddy Ugly and Bontle’s marriage gets mocked once again by trolls. The rapper defended his marriage with wife Bontle after a troll said they think they are the CEO’ of marriage.

The rapper did not take too kindly to a troll who dissed them and so he clapped back at the hater.

“No B**h, we’re married & what you think about that is none of our concern. We WON’T condone people talking bullshit in hopes for likes & retweets.
We might just give you the attention you so badly seek, but only so you delete ma**pa a hau & come correct!”

Priddy and Bontle always get trolled but they stick to their guns and show major support for one another.

She hyped him up when people dissed him and she said he is underrated, “I actually can’t believe how underrated, undervalued and overlooked my husband is. In RAPS? Are you kidding me?”

But tweeps had her for breakfast, lunch and supper. She said this in response, “And of course I’ll go hard for him, but don’t let basic thinking have you assume it’s because of any obligation. He’s f**king dope. His pen is undeniable. Man…Stop playing! A lot of you go out of your way to act weird/strange when it comes to Priddy and I’m yet to understand why.”

“I guarantee you the ones with the most to say about Priddy Ugly have heard the least. He’s wack? On the basis of what? A lot of you ride that wave cause it’s cooler or safer to do. Herd mentality gripped you by the balls. So how can we take anything you say seriously?

“Rather say you don’t like Priddy Ugly or you don’t like his music (more than one song please because, come on – unless you the type to base an artist’s entire range on ONE song – that’s hectic). But to say he can’t rap is a damn LIE!”

Her sister Candice also always defended the couple, “Honestly. The most unwarranted disrespect, for sh*ts & giggles. I admire how unmoved they are by the noise. 2 people harmlessly going about their lives, married, in love, collectively securing bags & raising the most gorgeous little girl. I’ll forever stan, 11 years & counting.

“In this home, we celebrate & protect young healthy black love. I can never doubt God’s existence because I’ve seen his love manifest through this family,” she wrote.

The couple once revealed that cheating would never be a deal breaker for them. Bontle told MacG that they had a deep conversation about this and it would never separate them.

“For us cheating is not a deal breaker in our relationship. Without invalidating anyone’s experiences…there are a lot of conversations, there are a lot of experiences, a lot of things that have happened to inform such a decision. So us deciding or me feeling right now as Bontle that cheating is not a deal breaker is just really how I feel,” she said. “That type of circumstance is not something that would get in the way of our relationship.”

“The man that I’m with that I’ve built my life with all of these years. Is a man that is worth all of that. I am willing to put myself in that type of position for him to do the same thing because he has proven to be a man worthy of that and I have proven myself.”

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