DJ Sbu is in shock because of a 500 thousand rand bill

DJ Sbu is in shock because of a 500 thousand rand bill

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DJ Sbu whose real name is Sbusiso Leope, is a famous disk jockey, a TV and radio host, a music producer, and an established entrepreneur. He is a darling to many in South Africa since he encourages and advises the youth to make something out of themselves.

Dj Sbu recently caused a frenzy on Twitter after reacting to an expensive alcohol bill. Sbu mentioned on his caption that if it was him, he would have opted for buying himself bitcoin instead of wasting money on alcohol. People had a lot to say in relation to what Dj Sbu was saying. Some agreed with him, while others begged to differ. Someone even mentioned that why didn’t Sbu buy bitcoin instead of investing in his energy drink, MoFaya. However, Sbu didn’t respond to the negative comments. See more of people’s reactions down below;

“I know how this works.😂😂 he bought Bitcoin and now he’s pushing for more people to buy it so he could make profit.😂He knows if it could crash, he will lose. Now he wants people to save him.”

Seems like a smart and effective way to launder money. The club buys alcohol at a cheap price, adds whatever markup and records sales with that markup and any “other” money to it.

If we gonna dictate how people should spend their money, then what’s the point of making it.

It is dictating, because he is not him. We all spend our money differently, we should all respect that. Chances are, the guys owns a lot of bitcoins and also gives to charity.