DJ Sbu’s fans are worried about him


DJ Sbu’s fans are worried about him

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Dj Sbu has been focusing on his businesses lately, we have seen him on the streets selling the energy drink that he owns which is not a problem. He is also a Crypto expert where he encourages people to invest on it. He definitely got a lot of things going on for him. He is one of the celebrities to look up to in terms of growing your business.


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Dj Sbu was one of the most cleanest man while he was still oh his show called Friend Like This, he used to wear suits only and stay bald. He also use to wear glasses as well. All those things he used to wear while he was still working on television. Does this mean he was doing all those things because he is on television? His fans wear very surprised to see him like this. His businesses are very success, because he has been working very hard on them. Dj Sbu is also still a musician and he still performs on various venues. He can definitely do it all in order to be more successful.

Many of his fans are telling him to take a bath because it is not the way they use to see him like this. His fans are really worried about him. I have to agree with his fans that Dj Sbu used to be very elegant and always looking beautiful. He use to care a lot about what he wears. As a businessman, he needs to look and clean to attract more customers into his businesses. Dj Sbu is definitely well aware of the media that is not happy about his looks lately. He is no longer bald, he now has dreadlocks which they really looked good on him the first time he started growing them.

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