Dj Shimza causes a great wave of anger from him

Dj Shimza causes a great wave of anger from him

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DJ Shimza is in serious trouble with his fans after he got help from one of the most influential politicians in this country who has helped him with certain things that will boost his career, the guy has been doing a good job on the radio and also in the industry were he gets bookings to play in the biggest events.

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But people have something to say about this we’re they have just said that the guy has been spoiled a lot by the South African government, because they were a lot of rumors that the guy might be dating Ramaphosa’s daughters where she helps her to get this gigs.

But the reality is that many people don’t like what they see because other artists are working to get what they want in their careers.

But it seems like the guy enjoys the benefits of becoming popular in this country which is opening doors for him.
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