DJ Shimza in fight With Theo over the mixer.


DJ Shimza in fight With Theo over the mixer.

Award-winning artist Shimza has caught himself during a fight over an audio mixer with fellow DJ, Theology HD. Theo, out of desperation even called Shimza’s mother to “speak sense to her child”.

Theo says in exchanged text messages, that the equipment doesn’t belong to him. But a defiant Shimza responded saying he won’t return it until his was also returned.

Theo exposed Shimza on Facebook and accused the DJ of ignoring his calls and text messages since he dropped it off at Shimza’s place.

But Shimza had none of it, as he told Theo to never call his mother again during a matter that didn’t involve her.

“I will tell Mlindo’s once I can offer you the mixer! I needed my mixer and he gave me what he gave me, speak to him from now on please,” said Shimza in one among the text messages.

He also took to social media to rant.

“No one is getting any mixer from me before i buy mine back, I’m uninterested in keeping quiet then people acting victim because they know I even have more to lose, f*&k that! My mixer first then I can release that was delivered to me without asking within the name of shopping for longer on behalf of me to be lied to.

“I have a group of Nexus 2’s so I even have no business holding on to someone else’s mixer but i’m uninterested in being taken advantage of because people know that if I swear or fight I’ll be labelled as all kinds of things! My mixer first and everything else will follow,” said Shimza during a Facebook post.

However, Theo said he shouldn’t be involved within the deal Shimza had with Mlindos as he was only asked to borrow Shimza a mixer for his 800K appreciation mix.

“The funny thing now’s [it’s] hard for him to urge back my mixer, he doesn’t devour my calls and messages. He’s always making an excuse that he’s working.

“I spoke to him this morning that i’m at his place, I got feedback that he went out at 5h00am. I visited see his mother and explained the entire situation, then he texted me on WhatsApp and said “don’t ever do that”. Guess what? i used to be blocked in every social networks and calls,” reads Theo’s post.