Dj Sumbody’s bodyguard has a message at his Funeral.

Dj Sumbody‘s bodyguard has a message at his Funeral.

He was famous as Dj somebody’s bodyguard but not too famous for a lot of people to attend his funeral. He comes back from a very rural area and it seems like his funeral was only attended by a few people.

It is so painful to see only family members attending the funeral while you were so known to many people. Most people went to attend Dj somebody’s funeral over the weekend and even politicians were there.

Funerals like this are painful but good at the same time. In this type of funeral, you realise that only few people were there for you. Though people did not talk too much about him but at least there are people who acknowledged him.

He died while he was protecting his boss and he made sure that he was protected at all the times. He died at war and wherever they are his boss is impressed by him.

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