Sangoma who foretold DJ Sumbody’s death is warns those who work with him

Sangoma who foretold DJ Sumbody’s death warns those who work with him

Sangoma who foretold DJ Sumbody’s death is warning other DJs who worked with him. Is something going to happen to them too?

A sangoma with a Twitter handle Umakhosi99 predicted DJ Sumbody’s death not so long. When she first revealed that something was going to happen to DJ Sumbody no one took heed to anything she had said. The most interesting part is that now that her predictions came to pass almost everyone is starting to believe her.

In her tweet, she said DJ Sumbody would bleed excessively which will result to his death or mental illness and today DJ Sumbody is no more. May his soul rest in peace.

DJ Sumbody died a very painful death, together with his bodyguard named Sbu. The day he died he was supposed to have a show at one of his nightclubs, but heartless people chose to gun him down.

He was not only a club owner and a musician. He was also into the taxi industry. According to reports he also owned several taxis. We all know that being a taxi owner is very dangerous in South Africa. Your life can be taken away at anytime. Taxi owners are always dying all the time in South Africa.

Because of that, many people are assuming that the other taxi bosses could be the ones who sent hitmen to finish him.

Well, Umakhosi99 also revealed that other DJs that worked with DJ Sumbody could also be in danger. This means they should start treading carefully and pray to God.

Traditional healers have visions. They need not be taken lightly. They were also there when our great-grandmothers and grandfathers were still alive. Many of our grandparents used to rely to them. Some of our parents still do presently. See, not all of us rely on western doctors. Those who don’t, always seek guidance and enlightenment from them.

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