DJ Tira has successfully been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

DJ Tira has successfully been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

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When DJ Tira first took the jab, he caused havoc on social media when he said that in his annual music festival, Fact Durban Rocks, only the vaccinated people would be allowed inside the venue.

He said that people who will be attending this festival will need to produce vaccine cards as evidence. However, he got dragged for that and deleted the post.

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On Sunday, Cyril Ramaphosa, in his address to the nation, mentioned that the government will be introducing vaccine passports that will give access to many places including music festivals.

This comes after Deputy President David Mabuza launched a social mobilization campaign called “It’s In Your Hands”, which he did in collaboration with the artists and sports stars.

The Deputy President told the nation that the government is considering opening the stadiums for sports matches and music festivals, however, that relies on large number of people who have been vaccinated.


He urged artists to encourage people to get vaccinated so that life can go back to normal, otherwise will not be allowed entry inside the venues if they are not vaccinated.

DJ Tira was one of those who were present at the launch of this campaign.

On Wednesday morning, the DJ and businessman, took to Twitter to share a video of himself taking a second jab. He wrote the following caption:

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Fully vaccinated Officially a 5G crew… Bring all the theories let’s hear what’s next

Inasmuch as many people applauded the DJ, however, there were those with negative remarks who said that DJ Tira has been paid to make this post. They insinuated that the government paid him to do a promotion of vaccine in social media.

DJ Tira retailated and offered R10 000 to whoever that will come with proof that he has been paid for that tweet.


If anyone can bring proof that I got paid for tweeting about the vaccine I will pay you R10, 000 plus all the money you say got as this is a “paid promo”. Sometimes in life you must just do what you think is right and forget about the noise