DJ Tira: Help me with a pay offline #MakoyaChicken

DJ Tira: Help me with a pay offline #MakoyaChicken

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DJ Tira gets inspired to open a business that has got to do with the selling of chicken just before the year ends. The DJ has revealed the name of the venture to his followers, however, he’s in need of a catchphrase.

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Taking to Instagram, he shared the brand of the business and captioned it with: “Help me with a pay offline ? #NewBusinessVenture #MakoyaChicken

Followers, including friends within the industry were quick to drop suggestions.

DJ Tira

“Makoya nine-nine!” Thuli Phongolo.

Chiki chiki taaah! (NB: i would like my cheque for this)” DJ LeSoul.

“I’m hungry dawwwg‼️” Que’s Distruction Boyz.