DJ Tira: Naak MusiQ is an uncontrollable person.

DJ Tira: Naak MusiQ is an uncontrollable person.

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Afrotainment founder and owner DJ Tira says he has been encouraging Naak Musiq to push his music independently.

DJ Tira said this after Naaq Music decided to release a song that Afrotainment is not responsible for last week. The song is titled ‘Gabi Gabi’ and it features T Effect. On the spce provide for the name of the company that the song was released under, Naaq Music and T Effect are the only brands mentioned on iTunes.

‘We never signed any contract so Naaq can do whatever he wants without asking for permission.’ Stated Tira when he was asked if he has unsigned Naaq in his company.

Tira mentioned that there are no bad vibes between him and Naaq as they still have a good relationship.

‘I have always encouraged him to be in charge of his music. I support him on his latest work though his song was not released under Afrotainment.’ Stated Tira

Means of contacting Naaq Musiq failed as his phone kept ringing but has answered.

Naak Music who gained his fame when he played the character of MJ on SABC 1’s Generations has worked quite some years with Afrotainment. ‘Call out’ featuring DJ Fisherman was the first song he released under this company in 2014.