DJ Tira responds to reports of his association with a political party

DJ Tira responds to reports of his association with a political party

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Durban- Media personality and musician, DJ Tira has broken his silence on the rumors that have been going around associating him with a political party.

DJ Tira whose real name is Mthokozisi Khathi has decided to come forth in the midst of these rumors about him and the IFP, to set the record clear for once and for all.

The music producer and DJ have rubbished claims that he and his family are fully-fledged members of the Inkatha Freedom Party.

Tira who is also a businessman in his own rights as he owns a record label, Afrotainment, revealed through an interview with Sunday World that he is not a member of IFP despite him being seen performing at various events of the political party.

“My family or I am not members of the IFP or any political party, and we are not going to be associated with any political organization anytime soon.

“I am a businessman and artist who goes where I get booked to perform. I need to support my family at all costs, despite performing to any political campaign of any party. I am hungry and I need to put food on the table for my family, and in this regard, I am not affiliated to any political party including IFP,” he said.

Suspicions arose when Tira’s images and videos surfaced that he was endorsing the IFP for the local government elections that will be held on 1 November, but he was quick to shoot allegations down.

“There is no truth in such, and I am performing at any political event I am booked for. People should understand that I also don’t have a problem performing at ANC, EFF or NFP events, as long as I get paid for my work. Covid-19 had shown me flames like any other artists, and I take the job as it comes,” said Tira.
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He also stated that he does not even own even a single T-shirt of any political party and he is grateful that he is getting gigs.

“IFP leadership does not have a problem with me performing at events of other political parties, as they know that I am an independent artist, and I am not deprived to exercise my artistic right to be everywhere. When there is work, I will take it,” he said.

It is a known fact that political parties do book artists when they are campaigning. We saw with ANC using Hlengiwe Mhlaba.