DJ Tira’s wife Gugu Khathi denies damning allegations of cheating and or sleeping with Kwela Tebza’s Tebogo

DJ Tira’s wife Gugu Khathi denies damning allegations of cheating and or sleeping with Kwela Tebza’s Tebogo

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Gugu Khathi finally breaks her silence and rubbishes the allegations leveled against her, after social media went abuzz with news that she partakes in extramarital affairs. This comes after the damning accusations already making rounds that DJ Tira’s wife Gugu Khathi allegedly sleeping with Kwela Tebza’s Tebogo Lerole.

While business mogul and socialite Gugu Khathi with a group of other people attended the Eastern Cape SUV Challenge the past weekend. Subsequently, news that suggests that Khathi and a known member of a music group Kwela Tebza Tebogo Lerole got more than too friendly started swirling around social media.

When social media blogger Musa Khawula took to Instagram to level the damning claims against Gugu Khathi. DJ Tira’s wife did not waste anymore of her time to respond to the allegations.

“gugu khathi is cheating on her husband dj tira with broke ass tebogo from khwela tebza. they were recently in eastern cape for the suv challenge and they were all over each other and fucking each other every 2 seconds. everybody at the suv challenge. gugu khathi next to tebogo after they tortured everybody by fucking every 2 seconds and they had felt super sad for dj tira” wrote Musa Khawula

Speaking to Zimoja Lezinto, a lady by the name of Sli Khumalo who was also part of the SUV Challenge team reveals how the trouble began when allegedly Tebogo wanted to share a hotel room with Gugu Khathi.

“Sli says trouble started when they got to the hotel. She adds that there was a problem and shortage of rooms. According to her, Tebogo had come with his plus one from Joburg but wanted Sli to share a room with the woman. I refused to share a room with some random girl who came with Tebogo while he wanted to share a room with Gugu” reports the publication

Gugu have since rubbished the claims that she allegedly shared a room with Tebogo nor did she sleep with him. She also claimss to have known Tebogo since she was fourteen year old and considers him like a brother more than anything. Gugu continues to label Sli as problematic and challenges her to a boxing match that Cassper Nyovest will have to organize.

“I don’t know this Sli, I only know her from this SUV challenge. She works with Tebogo and them. Sli had been problematic since the beginning of the trip, but she chose to ignore her. First there was a shortage of rooms and we suggested that people must share. I was also sharing with my friend TK, she had issues with that.” Gugu says [I have] known Tebogo since [I] was 14 when [I] first came into the industry. Why would I want to sleep with Tebogo now when I have known him for years. This girl needs help, she is sick in her mind,” added the publication

Gugu proceeded to claims that her and husband DJ Tira actually laughed off the news a big fat joke and maintained that their marriages is stronger than ever, despite the other rumours of separation and divorce last year.

“I am happy in my marriage and there is nothing that can break us, not even her stupid allegations, she is the sick one who needs help. If Sli wants to fight, she must send her address. Cassper…I am ready to fight this girl on the ring professionally, or even on the streets.I am not scared of her” ended the publication