DJ Zinhle and Bongz may have married

DJ Zinhle and Bongz may have married

DJ Zinhle and Bongz may have married 1

Ntombezinhle Jiyane (considered December 30, 1983) is a South African DJ, producer, media character, and money chief, who is better acknowledged by her stage name DJ Zinhle. Zinhle has also sought an acting employment. She made her on-screen debut as judge in Jika MaJika, Idols South Africa, Turn It On, and 1’s and 2′ (2021) and appeared as a guest on the TV series eKasi: Our Stories (2011), Play Your Part (2012), Tropika Island (2012), The Close Up, and Rhythm City.

Murdah Bongz (imagined 10th June 1987) is a South African singer, music producer, and online diversion character who is generally famous as the darling of DJ Zinhle. On August 24, 2021, he turned into a web sensation on the web after it was revealed that Zinhle is pregnant with his young person.

DJ Zinhle and Murdah they have been together since June 2020, and numerous people new about their relationship following watching DJ Zinhle’s unscripted TV show The Unexpected season 1 where she let people into her secret life when she did an unscripted TV show. However, a ton was continuing but generally people expected to learn about her relationship with Bongz directly following uncovering that she is expecting a kid, yet there was a period where DJ Zinhle let Murdah Bongz in on that she would prefer not to get hitched.

DJ Zinhle and Bongz may have married 2

Be that as it may, after season 1 it looks likes things have changed and their warmth has grow a ton. Ensuing to seeing this video fasten of The Unexpected season 2 that was shared by Musa Khawula it seems like a ton has changed, in light of the fact that close to the beginning of the catch it is by all accounts there people staying outer the entryway unsure expecting that is at DJ Zinhle’s home anyway those people seem like they are there to pay lobola, DJ Zinhle is seen wearing a doek on the fasten with people alulilating in the background on the video cut.

Directly following seeing this video people were anxious to the point that it’s finally happening DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz are getting hitched. DJ Zinhle is finally getting her delight. This shows that it doesn’t mean since it didn’t work with your most significant accessory it won’t work with the accompanying one.

There were people who were pulling DJ Zinhle when they sorted out that she is pregnant with Murdah Bongz kid, saying every individual she meets she falls pregnant for them, first it was Aka who then left her for another woman at present it’s Bongz much to their disappointment that Bongz had good intentions about her. I derive we really want to communicate congratulations to her and Bongz.

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