DJ Zinhle and daughter Kairo are living the American dream

DJ Zinhle and daughter Kairo are living the American dream

DJ Zinhle and daughter Kairo 2

DJ Zinhle went to California with his daughter Kairo. It is only a trip which is only for them to enjoy and she left her daughter and father, Bongz. They have been sharing beautiful memories from California, and she is also there to get on the stage and play set music. A great female DJ who has been active for a long time is still one of the greatest.

DJ Zinhle and daughter Kairo 1
She only wanted to enjoy herself with her daughter, which is wonderful, and she has her child travel with her. It would not be nice when she grew up and was left behind all the time. The moment you have an opportunity to travel with your child around the world, it is an opportunity that she or she will love to have for years to come and have to relive the past moments.

It is helpful and also believed that when you take your child to see the world away from home, they get to learn about how the world works and they will have a different view of their lifestyle when they grow up. It is believed that your child would not be easily persuaded to travel to Europe only to find later that he or she was being robbed of something precious. He or she will not be fooled easily.

DJ Zinhle and daughter Kairo 3
That is why DJ Zinhle is taking her child to enjoy and learn more about the world. It is not a secret that a lot of people are being taken to be lied to about to a certain lifestyle and they just go along with it because they want to see themselves enjoying their lives away from home. They don’t have all the facts to say no to what they are being sold because they see it is not authentic and true.

DJ Zinhle and daughter Kairo 4
Only to find out later when it is too late and they have already fallen into a trap. DJ Zinhle is well-traveled and she does want to give the same opportunity to Kairo. They also need to have time together, and it is important for both of them. Kairo is luckier to have parents who travel a lot and she gets to enjoy the journey with them.

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