DJ Zinhle And ThickLeeyonce appear in a new look

DJ Zinhle And ThickLeeyonce appear in a new look

DJ Zinhle And ThickLeeyonce 2 DJ Zinhle And ThickLeeyonce appear in a new look

Certainty ThickLeeyonce is an excellent hefty size model and powerhouse who is currently taking social media by storm showing off her superb fashion and magnificence. She is a supporter of confidence, acknowledgment, and body energy for some larger-size ladies in South Africa.

Exquisite fashionista, it’s another graceful day where you will be seeing a few most recent outfits plan that look adorably exceptional on her. We will examine a few unassuming yet truly staggering outfits that give her the best appearance and expression that will leave you stunned. As a woman, there are various ways of dressing expertly while yet looking respectable.

The Incredible Plus Size Model and remember to click the share button Social Media Influencer is a masterpiece everything about her is just verse, she has wonderful eyes, and perfect facial highlights, and it is basically very appealing to charm her body.

As you can see from her lovable pictures above, she is a fashionista, her outfits are generally right on track, her hairpieces are generally on fleek and she sure knows how to style herself and check a similar break.

DJ Zinhle And ThickLeeyonce 3 DJ Zinhle And ThickLeeyonce appear in a new look

She has a many individuals who admire her for her excellence and eminence, she moves a ton of young ladies in South Africa, she has north of 1 million supporters who like her design fashion instinct, she has such a stunningly elegant feeling of design style and it is strikingly magnificent.


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Concerning design everyone will likely wear dazzling and sophisticated outfits that will make others to regard and commend their fashion awareness. The respect of your outfits or style sense by others is only affected by your adroit blend of famous and appealing outfits.

Instagram may seem like the perfect world from the outside but there is plenty of work that goes behind curating all that perfection. Plus size Model and Photographer Lesego Legobane is popularly known as Thickleeyonce took to her Instagram to accentuates her magnificent appearances on her Instagram page.

DJ Zinhle And ThickLeeyonce 1 DJ Zinhle And ThickLeeyonce appear in a new look

She is an excellent female who is challenging every deeply embedded notion of magnificence ever held by society. The thing about ThickLeeyonce is she challenges every standard of beauty that’s ever been deeply embedded in society. She embraces the fact that as a woman, you don’t have to be classified as thin or fat to be considered pretty. And she isn’t afraid to reaffirm that she does it better than any armchair feminist.

She recently posted a dope pictures of herself looking inconceivably staggering alongside Dj Zinhle, Celestel Ntuli and many more. They are celebrating the most extremely incredible entertainer Dj Zinhle for her happy 10 years of Era by Dk Zinhle .