DJ Zinhle does whatever she wants and doesn’t pay attention to the opinion of the haters

DJ Zinhle does whatever she wants and doesn’t pay attention to the opinion of the haters

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The entertainment industry is not fair.” so says the people in the very same industry, joined by that outside who are all about making others’ lives ‘impossible’ to live. Doomed by patriarchy and a misconception of the power of masculinity, women suffer at the hands of fellow brothers who could be helping them up. However nobody owes anyone anything, and it’s probably why we have it this way, but what about a situation where it’s one woman coming after the other? Where do we draw the line for men, when we can’t draw it for a woman vs. woman situation?

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Ntombezinhle Jiyane, or as many know her, DJ Zinhle, is one of the few celebrated individuals in the industry who doesn’t like drama and is hardly found amongst the industry’s chaos. If anything, she’s one to be cool, calm, and collected, and would always rather focus on securing the bag instead of being involved in situations that waste her energy, tarnish her image and/or earn her enemies.

What she can’t stand though, is watch and allow disrespect towards her craft and surely that includes people coming for upcoming talent as well. Uncle Waffles is one talent to have recently come up and managed to secure a spot in the hearts of many; already securing a tour with great gigs lined up for her.

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Be that as it may, it seems that didn’t sit well with haters as they made sure to drag the DJ for not having the skill and only succeeding because of her ‘whack’ moves and ‘inappropriate’ dressing. Thus driving this narrative from a video she had recently posted where her team ‘seemed’ to be male-dominated, Uncle Waffles was accused of seeking attention.

As a DJ herself, DJ Zinhle had to step into the matter and stand in Uncle Waffles’ defense, reminding the public that nobody owes them anything and also encouraging other female DJs to pay less attention to what trolls say and just focus on honing their crafts to get better.