DJ Zinhle gives us snapshots with her daughter Asante

DJ Zinhle gives us snapshots with her daughter Asante

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Children are fascinating and always leave us in awe. What’s even cuter about them is the little things that they do. For them it’s nothing but to us, they leave us amused. That’s why they say children are a blessing because they are exactly what we need when God blesses them with us.


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Murdah Bongz and DJ Zinhle blessed the country with their little princess, Asante. The little has not only stolen her families’ hearts but also of Mzansi. Fans have picked up that she looks like her grandmother, Zinhle’s mother. And we agree with them.
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Her mother does her fans a justice of sharing her pictures and videos. Baby Motion as fans once joked, was filmed checking herself out on her mother’s phone. Her mother was in stitches while her fans found her very cute. She’s going to make many people broody the way she’s going. She’s definitely her parent’s daughter. This is the content we signed up for.

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