DJ Zinhle is under attack from her fans for her ungrateful

DJ Zinhle is under attack from her fans for her ungrateful

Media personality DJ Zinhle has hit back at tweeps who claimed she isn’t grateful for having work during these tough times after telling fans she was exhausted, saying that it’s quite normal to feel tired.
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Dubbed the “Queen of the multiple streams of income in SA” DJ Zinhle recently took to Twitter to update fans on how she is feeling as she is making bank.

The CEO of Boulevard Nectar Rosé revealed that her phone has been ringing off the hook to the extent that it is causing anxiety. Her star tip was to switch off the phone and ignore the mess.

Zinhle also said that she has been tired, as she has been working non-stop.

“Switching off my phone gives me so much peace. My phone rings so much it gives me anxiety. Been working nonstop, I’m exhausted. Anyway, take care of yourself.”

Though it may have seemed like a run-of-the-mill rant about the trials and tribulations of life in the face of strife, tweeps felt that the Era by DJ Zinhle designer was “complaining” about having been blessed with multiple opportunities to make money.

Some tweeps added that the DJ should be grateful to be have a job at a time in SA where the unemployment rates continue to rise.

Zinhle, however, indirectly addressed the naysayers on her TL.
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She said that she is far from the ungrateful celeb they have painted her to be and that it is pretty normal to experience tiredness after a long day of hard work.

“Never said I wasn’t grateful for work but it’s also normal to feel tired.”

Though she may be getting criticism now for her hustle, fellow celebs have shown their love for the star in her many ventures. Iconic personality Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung took to social media to praise Zinhle earlier this year after she launched a premium range of lace-front wigs.

Her venture into the hair market is just the latest move from the star who also has a watch brand, face mask range, furniture and décor company, sparkling wine brand and Airbnb property.

She has also previously run a music academy.

Somizi has been watching and took to Instagram to share his thoughts on Zinhle’s hustle.

“Proud of you, babe. Your new business venture is going to be a huge success,” he wrote, urging his followers to “support local” and buy from Zinhle.