DJ Zinhle looks beautiful and shiny in pregnancy

DJ Zinhle looks beautiful and shiny in pregnancy

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DJ Zinhle has had a hard time falling in love. She once said that when she loves, she loves with all of her heart. She revealed this during an interview on Somizi’s cooking show. She seemed to have hit it gold in terms of love this time.

She’s in a relationship with someone who adores her as much as she adores him. He frequently posts pictures of her on Instagram, with sweet words. MurdahBongz and DJ Zinhle have been dating for a few months and are over over heals in love. They seem to spend a lot of time together, and their images always show how fashionable they are and how much fun they are having.

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On MurdahBongz’s birthday, she posted him all day. She would often post him on her insta stories, but she would never post his pictures on her feed. However on his birthday, she managed to post their pictures together, and also wrote a birthday message to him. This could only mean that he has entered her heart. Earlier this year DJ on Zinhle’s birthday, Murdah Bongz called her the future makoti (future wife ), meaning that is how far he is willing to take their relationship. This can only mean that things are even more serious than we thought between these two.

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She posted a picture on her Instagram today, and someone on the comments section said pregnancy looks good on her. The DJ didn’t respond to this comment, meaning she didn’t confirm or deny the pregnancy rumors. If she is really pregnant, pregnancy really suits her, and congratulations to her and her man.