DJ Zinhle’s husband, Morda Bongz, is now part of the Forbes family

DJ Zinhle’s husband, Morda Bongz, is now part of the Forbes family

We live in an era where so many things are changing and totally becoming different from the olden days when our forefathers and foremothers lived. It is very rare for someone’s husband to relate closely with his wife’s former in-laws but in the days we live in we see it happening right in our eyes. Bongani Mohosana who is famously known as Morda Bongz is a South African musician who is also known as the husband of the famous female disc jockey,


DJ Zinhle.We have seen Bongani Mohosana relate very well and close to the Forbes family which is AKA’s family. DJ Zinhle was once in a romantic relationship with the late AKA and they have a daughter together. Because AKA’s mom has always loved DJ Zinhle even after she had separated with her son, she has now also accommodated Morda Bongz and treats him as her own son.

In a recent picture that Lynn Forbes(AKA’s mom) posted, Morda Bongz is always in the picture with the rest of the family.More than anything, this a symbol of maturity and pure hearts because it accommodates Kairo Forbes who is the daughter of AKA and DJ Zinhle. They truly are a really loving family with a very strong supporting structure.


Below is another picture of Murda Bongz spotted with Forbes. Lynn Forbes has always uttered it mouthful that she has accepted Morda Bongz as her own son because of the love and support she showed their family during the death of AKA. She continued to say he handled everything with so much maturity and no insecurities and trust issues. Below is a picture of Morda Bongz posted by Lynn Forbes on her Instagram account.

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