Dlala Thukzin might be heading to jail!

Dlala Thukzin might be heading to jail!

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A woman by the name of Vuyisile Zwane has accused Gqom DJ Dlala Thukzin of assault and has detailed what happened on social media. The woman claims she was asleep on Monday morning, at around 1 AM when the Gqom superstar stormed into her room with other assailants and allegedly physically assaulted her till she was almost unconscious.

According to the woman’s social media post, the star and his friends broke down her door and proceeded to enter her room – to look for drugs. She claims that Dlala Thukzin hurled insults at her and said she acted sick.

“It breaks my heart that I have to go through such a traumatic experience in the hands and presence of people I spoke highly of. On Monday o4 October, I was physically assaulted by Dlala Thukzin. He went to the extent of breaking down the door together with his friends/entourage all in the name of getting drugs, that apparently happened to be in the room I was sleeping in,” she wrote.

After the assault, she claims that she had to be rushed to hospital, “I got to the point where I fell to the ground after being assaulted and couldn’t breathe. Which is when I was rushed to the nearest hospital.”

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“Dlala Thukzin still carried on throwing insults and laughed at the matter which had occurred. Using his words, he said “this b***ch is acting sick now.” The bullying and humiliation he put me through can never be reversed. I have taken it upon myself to take legal action against him,” she wrote.

These are all just allegations and Dlala Thukzin has not said anything about them.
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