Dlozlami: It’s good that Sis Thembi is helping this family

Dlozlami: It’s good that Sis Thembi is helping this family


Today’s episode was heartbreaking really. This lady is still deeply hurt by this the pain is still fresh. When she said she misses her, it felt real. Thembi is so strong man, delivering such a painful message without being emotional. Nomfundo wants to know why her sister killed herself. She believes there was foul at play leading to her commit suicide.
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It was heartbreaking to see that her mother is still sacred of her and she does not want to know why she did what she did. Thembi doesn’t waste time. Thembi immediately after greeting you she goes straight to the issue.

Today’s episode is a touching one, and it speaks to a lot of issues we have within the society. Suicide and how in the after life there’s no peace because of the guilt the dead go through thinking of their loved ones thru left behind. It touches on the treatment our parents eventually give to us as their children once life doesn’t work out there way it was/is meant to. The harsh words said in passing that ultimately lead to people feeling worthless and ultimately killing themselves.

According to Sis Thembi’s readings always, those who commit suicide are rejected by their ancestors in the spiritual.

She Committed Suicide Because She did not get attention at home, not even from her parents. She was lonely and everyone was busy with their own things. Parents didn’t take her seriously the same way they did this session. That’s why we get trapped in these awful areas, we have parents that don’t care enough.

Some parents don’t realise that the way they treat their kids differently from their siblings can open a door for depression. Depression is real. It doesn’t happen overnight, it takes creeps in over a long period of time. Depression is a silent killer and people who died from Depression they don’t talk.

Her death came as a shock as she was doing her third year at the University Johannesburg where she was studying Social work. Her life was in shape where she had her internship opportunity.

The pain of studying all your life but that doesn’t yield good results. Studying and hoping to bear fruit from those studies, but no yielding results. All because of someone blocking your ways, through witchcraft. Imagine the Pain of your loved one who has Passed on coming in your dream saying they not resting peacefully because someone trying to take their Spirits

I hate how the economy in SA and people in government are driving graduates to literal poverty and suicide this poor girl did not deserve this graduates do not deserve this

“Killing yourself is not a option, We have to master being strong” says Thembi.

When you think about committing suicide,Think about the Spiritual Jail you will be in. There are many reasons why people commit suicide,it is easy to judge until you’re at that breaking point.And sometimes people don’t take their lives because they want too.Witchcraft also plays a role.

The lesson learnt today: Pray for your children no matter what. Nothing will ever beat a mother’s prayer over her child, many have survived from dangers because of prayers from their mother’s.

“Prayer is very vital. Seek guidance, seek the right path.” nah that was directed to me sis Thembi.

The thing of hitting a person who committed suicide is true, so that in future there will be no family who died the same way.

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