Dloz’lami: Viewers cried for an unemployed woman sleeping without food

Dloz’lami: Viewers cried for an unemployed woman sleeping without food


Dloz’lami is a show on Moja that helps people who need an intervention in their lives of the spiritual variety. They head to the show to get Thembi Nyathi to assist them but this week viewers were moved to tears when it was revealed that Millicent was struggling to survive.

Millicent’s problems became so much more evident when her own ancestors revealed that she needed help as she was struggling to make ends meet and interceded on her behalf. It moved the nation to devastation. The reality is that most households are struggling to make ends meet and this should not be that shocking.

Still, viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts about this situation and how unfair it was for Millicent. While other expressed concern about getting funds together or helping.

One user wrote, “Imagine idlozi coming through from spiritual realm to ask for groceries for her kids. Kubi shem #Dlozlami”

While another user wrote, “Her name is Milicent she from Daveyton She has N6 she unemployed and the situation at home is really bad they go to bed hungry Retweet Pls her next employer could be on your TL #dlozlami”

One user wrote, “Davyton community please land a helping hand to Millicent’s family anything nje its okay😭 this episode is painful.#Dlozlami

One final user wrote, “Will Moja Love create a cash app for the family so that we can share the little that we have? This is heartbreaking. There must be a way we can come together and help as a country #Dlozlami

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