Does AKA evade the boxing match with Cassper?

Does AKA evade the boxing match with Cassper?

AKA speaks on why he has not signed the contract for the boxing match

AKA has lifted the lid on why the match between him and rival Cassper Nyovest has not taken place so far , saying neither of them have signed the particular contract.

Cassper and AKA are feuding for quite six years now and so as to guard each other’s brands and pictures , they need decided to settle their differences within the prize ring .

After making such a lot noise on the timelines, and mocking one another for eager to bail out on the match , AKA has decided to place a number of the misunderstandings to rest by saying neither he or Cassper has signed the contract so far .

“Here’s where we are, the contract hasn’t been signed by EITHER folks . Why? Because I had to travel find someone to take a position 2 MILLION because they wanted to pay me 500k. Now that I even have my money we should always be concluding soon,” said AKA.

Cassper Nyovest and AKA

I’m not doing an excessive amount of talking. When it had been time to fight and that we asked for the contract to be signed, people were to busy that specialize in their brand and their image. But rest assured … the fight WILL happen next year, make no mistake of that.

Boxing negotiations take time. once I was training this past year he was eating magwinya (vetkoeks). Now we must all jump and scrabble into line … doesn’t work like that. Fight will happen next year. That’s all their is to mention that . Happy Holidays,” said AKA.

This whole explanation was caused by the very fact that Cassper disputed AKA’s claims of being the very best selling artist of ALL time. The Energy hitmaker announced to his legions of followers that his single featuring Gemini Major has gone Gold, “The very first thing i might wish to tell the Megacy is #Energy is officially GOLD… a short time ago actually … so many thanks such a lot for that.

Cassper Nyovest and AKA

AKA then thanked his fans for creating him the successful artist that he’s , “Why am I releasing all of this info? Firstly to many thanks for all the support over the years. because the Megacy i do know it hasn’t always been easy and you’ve got never let me down.”

Cassper accused AKA and his team of cooking and making up the numbers, and when he was called out for that, he simply said he wants to affect AKA within the prize ring . “Stop lying to us. Your music career is over so sign the contract and let’s box mfanaka!!!! I can’t wait to urge within the ring with you and beat you to a pulp!!!!”

“I’m hooked in to the beating I’m gonna give him within the ring!!!! I visualize it everyday!!!! I cant wait!!! He swore at my mom!!! My queen!!! He has got to get a beating with the planet watching!!! Stop running!!! It’s time to face behind your words!!! Angithi he thinks he’s tough!!!