Donald brings the fans back to memories.#LoveIsInTheAir

Donald brings the fans back to memories.#LoveIsInTheAir

Mr in denial himself, Donald has blessed lovers of music with an Extended Play (EP) that is dedicated to all the lovers out there.
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Donald’s EP, I Love You is in partnership with SAMPRA. The EP comes 2 years after his album “Her Name Is?” was released.

Listening to the EP, a few songs stood out. These include the EP’s name, I Love You, “Let Me Go” reminisces on his hit single “Denial” and “Love Is In The Air” is definitely a song you can jam to when the love is just too great not to express.

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The other two songs, Indlela and Gentle Soul give us the ever so gentle side of Donald that every woman can’t help but search for in every song he puts out. Indlela puts you in the mood to dance, the vocals are smooth and draw you in. This one definitely deserves to be on repeat. Amazing vocals and production.

Twitter streets did not hold back on their reactions to the release of the EP.

Songs that seem to be hitting the mark with the Donald stans are “ILoveYouEP

Donald has been a victim of online bullying. Black Twitter has flat out told him he cannot sing.

This however did not sit well with his fans, who affectionately call themselves #TeamDonald.

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Donald never lets trolls and those that hide behind their keyboards get to him. He always stands up for himself and never misses an opportunity to let them know he is the greatest to ever do it for as long as he has.

Donald has also been linked to Arthur Mafokate’s ex-girlfriend and former protege Busisiwe Twala (Cici). The duo has collaborated on songs that have left the Twitter streets feeling as though they are doing a whole lot more than just singing love songs together and acting as lovers on music videos.

The pair have never dismissed these rumours and it seems they like to let their fans play match-maker which is so cute to see. They seem to be enjoying each other’s company even with Cici giving birth to her miracle child Dakalo, late last year. At some point, #TeamDonald was convinced Donald fathered Cici’s child.

Unfortunately for them, Cici is in a committed relationship with the father of her baby and he seems to understand that these two have nothing but a platonic relationship that will never become anything more. We have got to admit though, they do make such an amazing and good-looking couple. I mean there’s surely nothing wrong with wishful thinking.

Even with the confirmation that the pair have never been together, #TeamDonald came through with the match-making and matched their maestro with the one and only Natasha Thahane. These rumours were fuelled by Donald’s performance at Natasha’s birthday party. Unlike the Cici rumours, these ones never materialised.

With the release of this EP, it is clear that Donald is a hopeless romantic and we cannot wait to see the lady that will be living and breathing these songs every day.