Dr Malinga joins the trend and shoves his foot out of his luxury car

Dr Malinga joins the trend and shoves his foot out of his luxury car

It has been a few months down the line since South African musician Dr. Malinga was in the public domain crying for public sympathy. The musician claimed that he was apparently on the edge of losing his house because of his financial crisis.

Malinga received financial assistance from the South African public including some celebrities. Black Coffee and Makhadzi are amongst the celebrities known to have made huge donations to the befallen musician.

From Friday night Dr Malinga was leading the trends on social media for flexing on a supposedly new luxurious car. According to the trends Malinga has bought a new McLaren worth R5 million rand.

This unbecoming news caused public upheaval since the musician was known and believed to be broke and financially constrained at the moment. Presumably the funds he received from crowd funding could’ve been enough to cover all his debts and buy him a car worth R5 million.

Coming to a realization that he is on the trends Dr Malinga reacted with shock to see it happening. It looks like the musician could not believe that he could wake up on top of the trends at this moment. Although Dr Malinga is well-known, he is currently not a national treasure in the industry like he used to be.

“Urban I’m trending,” Dr Malinga posted on his timeline. His followers didn’t spare him and told him straight away that they are angry that they donated and now he is having one beautiful thing.
“But don’t be surprised it’s typical SA men when they buy a lady something then you must do everything they say. You are now the victim of such charity.” Lisa commented on Malinga’s post.