Dr Maweni alleges SABC 1 has stolen her show concept

Dr Maweni alleges SABC 1 has stolen her show concept

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Sangoma, Lee-Ann Makopo who is popularly known as Gogo Maweni has accused SABC 1 of stealing her show concept on one of its shows titled Roxic.

Gogo Maweni alleges that she pitched a show she titled The Journey with Dr Maweni and now SABC 1 has a similar show to hers.

This was revealed by blogger Musa Khawula who took to his Twitter page and wrote:

Responding to the post, some tweeps who have watched the show Roxic said its concept is different from hers. SABC 1’s show focus is on mending broken relationships while hers is about spiritual journeys.

@MaabuleM wrote: I believe her unfortunately the person who stole it will get away with it like Somizi did when he was accused of stealing someone’s idea.

@zimisozenkosi wrote: She’s lying Roxic is not about people who struggle to accept calling , iv watched it every single time 👀 . Its about individuals who dont get along trying to fix their relationship.

Recently, tweeps reacted in shock and fear following Gogo Maweni’s video in which she was showing off with a giant owl in her house.
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She is not a stranger to voodoo social media content. A few months ago, the publication reported that the traditional healer rattled Twitter after she posted pictures as she was at her ancestral shrine, strapped in a scary and huge python.

In the recent 11-second video, the brown owl stands in a corner, intently staring at the camera.

In an instant, it jumps and flaps its wings to fly. The video is in slow motion, dramatizing the owl as it slowly waggles its broad wings.

The bizarre video extremely unsettled tweeps, who expressed their reservations towards the nocturnal.

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