Dr Sipho Dhlomo and Sne’s relationship ended quietly


Dr Sipho Dhlomo and Sne’s relationship ended quietly


A relationship based on a lie can only get more complicated, which is exactly what happens for Durban Gen hospital’s new couple Dr Sipho Dhlomo (Nyaniso Dzedze) and nurse Sne (Nombulelo Mhlongo).

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After weeks of hiding her pregnancy from her boyfriend Dhlomo – as he’s referred to on the soapie – Sne gathers the courage and comes clean.

In her confession though, she omits a fairly important detail: Dhlomo isn’t the father of her unborn baby, but Sne’s ex-fling colleague (Mike Ndlangamandla) is.

However, Lindelani rejected the pregnancy and dumped Sne when she told him the happy news in January this year.

What makes the situation even trickier is that Sne was aware that she was pregnant when she started dating Dhlomo and she didn’t tell him then.

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Why tell Dhlomo now and break his heart? So Sne maintains the deception…

When Dhlomo learns that he is going to be a father, he is elated. He’s always wanted to start his own family, but he didn’t think that it was going to happen this soon.

Lindelani people, but he is oblivious to Sne acting out of character days after the pregnancy announcement. Sne is jumpy, she avoids eye contact with him and it’s all because she’s guilt-ridden.

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Dhlomo is besotted with Sne. He has created a fantasy about their perfect future together, with their kid, and he doesn’t leave room to question her behaviour,” explains Nyaniso. All that Dhlomo wants is for his dream to come true.

His excitement clouds his judgement on the matter, and he jumps to the conclusion that Sne is on the same page as him and wants to get married right away.

Source: TV Plus (South Africa) Thu, 10 Mar 2022

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